Welcome to The Healthy Kids Lab at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)! A safe and engaging community for kids and parents to learn to live life as healthy and happy as possible!

The Healthy Kids Lab at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) harnesses best practices in kinesiology, nutrition, psychology, and public health to generate theory-, evidence-, and community-based health behavior interventions for children and families living in communities of concentrated poverty. Established in 2015, our work is driven by a commitment to promote health in communities where childhood obesity, chronic disease, and mental health disorder rates are high and resources available to meet needs are low. Towards these ends, we seek to utilize health behavior programs as tools and spaces to simultaneously promote children’s physical and mental health. Our location in the heart of the Nation’s third largest city provides us with the unique opportunity to partner with leading youth service organizations, including the Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools, as well as accomplished philanthropists, behavioral scientists, community organizations, and health care providers that share our commitment and values.

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