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At any given time there are a number of scientific manuscripts being written and research projects being conducted in the UIC Healthy Kids Lab. During each project the Lab seeks research participants, staff, and undergraduate and graduate research assistants.

Currently, we are recruiting undergraduate and graduate research assistants for both BUILT and NHANES Data Analyisis.

If you would like to participate in research as a participant, become a staff member, become an undergraduate or graduate research assistant, or collaborate on a new initiative please contact us at:

  • Phone: (312)-413-7270
  • Office: 1919 W. Taylor St., Room 629, M/C 517, Chicago, IL 60612

or you can fill out the form below. Once we receive your interest someone will contact you shortly.

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1919 W. Taylor St.
Room 629, M/C 517
Chicago, IL 60612

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